Netball South Tournaments

Netball South Tournaments

Regional League Entry Tournament

This seasons entry tournament will take place on Saturday 2nd & Sunday 3rd September at

Southampton Sports Centre, Thornhill Road, Bassett, Southampton SO16 7AY

We have 67 teams entered who are competing for 32 Regional League places and the remaining teams will form the development leagues


Regional League Playoffs & Division 3 Entry Tournament Results

On Sunday 21st May the Regional League Playoffs and Division Three Entry Tournament took place at Surrey Sports Park. 

Thank you to the Competitions TSG, Officiating TSG and officials who worked extremely well and as a team to make this event a success. 
Division One to Two results
Congratulations to CD Phoenix, Sussex NRG Tigers and Abbey N.C. who will play in division one next season and to Shooting Stars who will play in Division Two.
Division Two to Three play off was not needed as there were 3 teams and 3 places
Division Three Results
Congratulations to Trinity, MSN, CD Phoenix and Clan who were all successful in gaining a place in Division Three


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