Officiating News

Officiating News

Regional Schools Appointments - Saturday 27 January

Congratulations to the following umpires who were appointed to the Semi Finals, Finals and 3/4 Place Play Offs:

U14 - Semi Finals - Ben Vallely, Emma Walker, Rachel Tanner & Sarah-Jane Nicholls

U14 - Final  -  Elaine Shannahan & Megan Samuel

U14 - 3/4 Place Play Off - Taylor Highsted & Sharon Moher

U16 - Semi Finals - Paul Withers, Megan Samuel, Rebecca Moher & Chantel Moore

U16 - Final - Chantel Moore & Pat Martyn-Smith

U16 - 3/4 Place Play Off - Tammy Turner & Sarah Kucera

U19  -  Semi Finals - Lisa Vallely, Dickon Adams, Pat Martyn-Smith & Elaine Shannahan

U19 - Final - Lisa Vallely & Rebecca Moher

U19 - 3/4 Place Play Off - Sam Skinner & Jodie Musson

England Quad Series - 20/22 January 2018

At the recent England Quad Series with Australia, New Zealand and South Africa the South were represented by the following Technical Officials:

Jennie Underwood, Jenny Poore, Tina Small, Tracy Stubbs, Jan Johnson, Kim Simmons, Toni Brunsdon and Rachel Tanner.

VSNL U21 and U19 Appointments

Tracy Stubbs, Estelle Ball and Olivia Johnson have been appointed to the VSNL Long Squads for U21 matches.

Lisa Vallely, Liz Sywyj and Alice Johnson have been appointed to the VSNL Long Squads for U19 matches.

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